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Year 7, 2025 Enrolment Information
Online Enrolment Application Complete and submit an online application for enrolment by clicking the link below. Click Here to Apply Online Now     Important Dates for Year 7, 2025 The following are important dates to remember for all Year 7, 2025 enrolments. 1 January 2024 Enrolment for Year 7, 2025 opens online 7 March 2024 Year 6, 2024 - A Day in the Life of Ӱԭҕl College 9 March 2024 College Open Day - 10.00 am to 2.00 pm 13 May 2024 Enrolments close Applications received after this date will be processed as late The week commencing 27 May 2024 Enrolment offers sent to families TBC Academic Assessment     A Day in the Life of Ӱԭҕl College A Day in the Life at St Edward’s College provides an opportunity for Year 6 students to explore and experience some of the opportunities that the College has to offer. Throughout the day each student will experience a program that could include: Music, Visual Arts, Science, PDHPE, and Industrial Technology. Students are accompanied by members of the St Edward’s staff, and our senior students. Register Now   [smallgallery fooid="20800"]     Academic Assessment The College will conduct assessments for each student in the areas of mathematics, reading, and general reasoning. The assessment is not an entrance examination. Results, together with previous school reports assist to provide educational facilities best suited to individual needs. In addition, this information will enable the College to monitor and guide the progress of each student more effectively.  
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Enrolment Enquiry
Let us know if you have any questions about the College, and one of our friendly staff will contact you.
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We invite you to view our College Prospectus.
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Enrolment Process
St Edward’s College is a non-selective Catholic school which is governed by Edmund Rice Education Australia (EREA). The College is a learning community which provides a contemporary, holistic and liberating education that challenges, nurtures and inspires young men in Years 7-12 to be aspirational regarding their future. Students are encouraged to strive to achieve their personal best, developing the necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes to flourish in an ever-changing world. If you are looking for this kind of education for your child, the next step is to complete and submit an online application for enrolment. Click Here to Apply Online Now Although our major intake is students entering Year 7, we enrol students in all Year levels depending on the availability of places. If an enrolment offer is made, families will be required to pay a $500 deposit to complete the acceptance. If the student is withdrawn prior to his confirmed commencement date this deposit will be forfeited. Otherwise, the $500 deposit is returned to families at the end of their schooling at the College pending any fees or charges owing. Principles of Enrolment As an Edmund Rice School, we are guided by Catholic Social teaching, which states that, ‘each person possesses a basic dignity that comes from God, not from any human quality or accomplishment, not race, gender, age or economic status’. We aim to provide an education where the dignity of each young person is paramount. As an Inclusive Community, St Edward’s College does not exclude students based on academic ability. We are accepting of students with various abilities and diverse learning backgrounds and gifts.  We are committed to assisting the individual needs of each person, providing teaching and learning experiences that are authentic, relevant, rigorous and creative. We are committed to providing a holistic education integrating faith with culture and learning, while instilling an appreciation of the need to strive for the greater good of all society. Priorities of Enrolment When considering enrolment priority, the College Enrolment Committee will consider the families’ acceptance of and commitment to the ethos and goals of the College, in conjunction with the following order of priority: Catholic students currently attending Catholic primary schools. Catholic students currently attending Government or Non-Government primary schools. Students who have a brother/s enrolled at St Edward’s College. Students who are sons of past students of St Edward’s College. Students who are from other Christian denominational traditions. Students who are from non-Christian faith traditions. St Edward’s College includes students and families from other Christian and non-Christian faith traditions, and we continue to invite and welcome such applications.
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St Edward’s At A Glance
St Edward’s covers a nine hectare site on the shores of Caroline Bay. The College has three multi-purpose ovals, other sporting facilities, a multipurpose hall / gymnasium, specialised technology and art facilities, computer laboratories, and a purpose built food technology room. Trade Training Centres in Schools Program In 2009, in a joint application with St Joseph’s Catholic College, St Edward’s was given over one million dollars from the Commonwealth Government to establish a Trade Training Centre. From 2010/11 boys at the College in Years 10 to 12 will be able to commence the first stage of a school based apprenticeship/traineeship in the Construction, Hospitality or Metals area whilst also studying for the HSC credential. This will complement the already wide range of courses offered at the College in the vocational area. Fee Schedule Fees are invoiced in January and parents/carers have the option of paying in full at the commencement of the school year or paying by weekly, fortnightly or monthly instalments.  All instalments are to be paid using direct debit authority. A sibling discount is applied to school fees charged for second and subsequent brothers attending Ӱԭҕl College concurrently.  As Ӱԭҕl College is not a CSO (Catholic Schools Office) school, it does not offer sibling discount or relief from payment of the building level for students with siblings attending other schools in the Diocese. Range of Courses St Edward’s College offers a range of courses to cater for individual student requirements. These include: Extension courses Courses with a vocational orientation Programs to extend talented students Programs to assist students who find the schooling process difficult Liturgical Celebrations On a regular basis throughout the year, the celebration of the Eucharist - the central action of our Catholic Faith - is experienced by the whole school community. Reflection Days and Retreats are also experienced for all students. Justice and Peace Program The College facilitates a comprehensive Justice and Peace Program that aims to develop the Christian awareness of the students and to positively help those in need on the Central Coast, the wider Australian community, and the world at large. Technology Ӱԭҕl College takes pride in the extensive range of technology resources available to all students.  Programs and policies have been developed to ensure that the College stays current with the latest technology trends.  The College provides over 800 devices throughout the campus comprising of six state of the art computer classrooms and specialised multimedia enhanced classrooms in Technology and Music.  Many other classrooms contain sets of Notebooks stored in pods.  In the Br MD Shanahan Learning Centre the students have the ability to engage with Desktop, Notebook and iPad devices to enhance their learning experience.  All these resources are filtered to the students via Ednet and the College Portal. Careers Adviser To assist students in their decisions on further education, subject choices and possible career pathways, St Edward’s has a full-time careers adviser and vocational education coordinator working in career education. Sporting Arena Students who demonstrate a talent in the sporting arena are given many opportunities to develop their skills through the numerous representative sporting competitions available at the College. All the competitions maintain pathways to representation at an elite level. Outdoor Education Ӱԭҕl College runs an Outdoor Education program through camps, which are held in Years 7 to 10. The program provides a sequential course for the four years, developing skills of a higher order each year. All activities are supervised by accredited staff of 'Outdoor Education Australia', as well as a member of staff from the College. Some of the activities conducted on these camps include archery, canoeing, sailing, windsurfing, abseiling, rock climbing, mountain biking, initiative challenges and fencing. Home Room Groups Home Room Groups are made up of about 24 students, with a small number of students from each year (7 to 12). Senior students are given the opportunity to care for and help younger students. This allows the younger students to get to know older students in a friendly and supportive atmosphere and gives them the benefit of having an older peer to relate to at school. The inter-relationship helps promote a positive spirit throughout the College. Counsellors The College employs two full-time counsellors to work with students to talk through issues that are of concern to them.  
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Fee Schedule
2024 Fee Schedule: Year Tuition              Building Levy (Per Family)       Laptop Hire Fee Total Fees         7 $7,520 $1,130 $460 $9,110 8 $7,520 $1,130 $460 $9,110 9 $7,520 $1,130 $400 $9,050 10 $7,520 $1,130 $460 $9,110 11 $8,930 $1,130 $400 $10,460 12 $8,930 $1,130 $10,060 Fees are all inclusive with the exception of TVet courses in Years 10, 11 and 12 Sibling discounts for students attending Ӱԭҕl College: Second child in Years 7 to 10 - $1,050 Second child in Years 11 to 12 - $1,250 Third child in Years 7 to 10 - $1,880 Third child in Years 11 to 12 - $2,230 4th child in Years 7 to 10 - $3,000 Please note: Siblings at other Catholic schools are not recognised for the purpose of awarding sibling discounts. Fee Policies Ӱԭҕl College does not split fees, all parties who sign the enrolment contract have joint and several liability for the total fees. One invoice is created and emailed to both parties. Separate direct debits can be set up by contacting the College Finance Officer. Installments Families will receive an email in early Term 1 that will include a fee invoice and statement. The email will include a link to set up a Direct Debit. Payments can be set up either Fortnightly (20 weeks) or Monthly (10 months). Payments can be made via Credit Card or Bank Account Direct Debit. Statements will continue to be provided monthly via email. There is no discount for paying fees up front. Financial Hardship There is a very compassionate process for those parents, who through genuine financial hardship are unable to pay all or part of the College fees. Such cases are considered by the Principal and Business Manager; confidentiality is assured and documentation will be required. Pursuit of Non-Payment of Fees The College will pursue payment of fees where no arrangement has been made for delayed settlement. This can ultimately mean the use of a debt collection agency or the legal system, where requests by the College for payment of school fees have failed. Any enquiries regarding financial matters should be directed to the College Finance Officer, Stephanie Cabban via t. 4321 6419 or email scabban@stedwards.nsw.edu.au Withdrawal from School Ten weeks’ notice of withdrawal from the College is required in writing to the College Principal or Director of Enrolment. If the full 10 weeks’ notice is not given, the refundable enrolment deposit paid at the time of Acceptance of Offer will be forfeited. Insurance The College insures its own property. It does not insure the belongings of any student.  
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The College community has undertaken to support students by providing two scholarships . They are: The Catholic Women's League Part Scholarship for Years 11 and 12 The Judy Skeahan Bequest Scholarship (St Vincent de Paul) for Years 9 and 10 The rationale behind these scholarships is in keeping with the cultural characteristics that form the basis of our existence as a school in the Edmund Rice tradition. Scholarship Information and Application Form  
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Enrolment Annexure Documents
St Edward’s College adopts a number of policy and procedure documents to help define the rights and responsibilities of all staff and students at the College. Parents and students should read the following policies and information as part of the enrolment process. Enrolment Policy and Procedures Student Code of Conduct College Commitment College Values College Learner Profile College Uniform Rules Fee Schedule Personal Learning Device Agreement Privacy Collection Notice EREA Privacy Policy Personal Learning Device Agreements (current and ongoing) 2024 Year 10 Personal Learning Device Agreement 2024 Year 7 Personal Learning Device Agreement 2023 Year 7 Personal Learning Device Agreement 2022 Year 7 Personal Learning Device Agreement 2022 Year 9 Personal Learning Device Agreement 2019 Year 9 Personal Learning Device Agreement The general College Policies are also available by clicking here.  
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